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  • Schindler: Zirkus Furioso....

    Schindler: Zirkus Furioso....

    Schindler, Peter
    72,75 €
    - full score
  • The First Walpurgis Night....

    The First Walpurgis Night....

    MENDELSSOHN Bartholdy, Felix
    70,72 €
    Ballad for chorus and orchestraGoethe’s dramatic ballad The First Walpurgis Night inspired Mendelssohn to write a magnificent and vivid portrayal of the conflict between an old heathen community and the new aspirations of Christianization, between belief and superstition on both sides. In 1833 Mendelssohn had his ballad premiered, but he decided to make far-reaching revisions before he finally had the work published in 1844. The Carus edition by the leading Mendelssohn scholar R. Larry Todd is based on the first printed edition of the score and thus the last authentic version of the work. This important choral work by Mendelssohn is now available in a modern Urtext edition, with full score (in two languages), vocal score, choral score and orchestral material available on sale, as well as a CD recording by the Kammerchor Stuttgart conducted by Frieder Bernius (planned for autumn 2019). - full score
  • Sinfonie


    Fiorè, Andrea Stefano
    24,08 €
    Raccolta delle dodici sinfonie dell’autore milanese Andrea Stefano Fioré pubblicate a Modena nel 1699. Correzioni e riferimenti alla notazione originale sono contenuti nell’apparato critico. La pubblicazione è basata sull’edizione originale di proprietà del Civico Museo bibliografico di Bologna. Il CD allegato contiene le parti staccate stampabili in formato pdf. A cura di Sergio Balestracci.