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OBOE e strumenti

  • 10 Sonate per oboe e basso

    10 Sonate per oboe e basso

    AA.VV. (Autori vari)
    21,50 €

  • Christmas Carols - Oboe e...

    Christmas Carols - Oboe e...

    AA.VV. (Autori vari)
    15,51 €
    20 Easy arrangements
  • Easter Oratorio BWV 249

    Easter Oratorio BWV 249

    17,40 €
    “Now come let us hasten”
  • Dmaathen Hautbois Et...

    Dmaathen Hautbois Et...

    Xenakis, Iannis
    23,24 €

  • Wie schön leuchtet der...

    Wie schön leuchtet der...

    Krebs, Johann Ludwig
    16,43 €
    Chorale arrangementIn the creative output of the Bach pupil Johann Ludwig Krebs, arrangements of chorales and freely composed works for organ and a second instrument occupy an important position. They offer a glimpse into the so-called figural music of the 17th and 18th centuries, which has its roots in Protestant church music and constitutes a major aspect of music and music making in worship services. Until now, Kreb’s arrangement of the chorale "Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern" existed only as a fragment. The editor of the present edition discovered the remainder of the arrangement, which was previously missing, and was able to complete the fragment. Thus, the complete chorale arrangement, composed wholly in the spirit of Bach, is now available for performance for the first time. - full score
  • Rheinberger: Andante...

    Rheinberger: Andante...

    Rheinberger, Josef Gabriel
    17,63 €
    - full score
  • Marche funèbre

    Marche funèbre

    Cherubini, Luigi
    12,43 €
    Cherubini’s "Marche funèbre" is in the tradition of the funeral music of the French Revolution. The work was composed in 1820 on the occasion of the solemn funeral services for Charles Ferdinand of Bourbon, the Duke of Berry, who was the victim of an assassination when leaving the Paris Opera. In the piece the regular, penetrating beat of the tam tams and the drum roll which follows, the dark-sounding colors and the painful dissonances leave their mark on the funeral march, which suggests that for a performance this work could be combined with either of Cherubini’s settings of the Requiem text - full score
  • Krebs: Three Phantasies

    Krebs: Three Phantasies

    Krebs, Johann Ludwig
    14,51 €
    - full score
  • Duo Pour Hautbois Et Basson

    Duo Pour Hautbois Et Basson

    VILLA-LOBOS, Heitor
    29,26 €
  • Standford Ser. Parties

    Standford Ser. Parties

    MILHAUD, Darius
    46,65 €

    Pour Quatuor A Cordes, Contrebasse, Flute, Clarinette En

  • 3 Small Pieces

    3 Small Pieces

    Jacob, Gordon
    13,08 €
  • Adagio


    Albinoni, Tomaso
    13,00 €