Aa.Vv. - BALLADS (volume 32) Vedi più grande

Aa.Vv. - BALLADS (volume 32)


17,40 € IVA incl.

  • Intermediate/advanced level.

    Arrangiamento/Strumenti: Tutti gli strumenti.

    Allegato: CD.

    Descrizione: Lyrics included. He who Commands the ballad will command the audience! Here are 8 soulful ballads enjoyed by both musicians and listeners for years. Ballads have always been a challenge to play but when you hear the right changes played with great feby this outstanding rhythm section you’ll agree that learning these songs is made much easier. Melodies, chords, and lyrics are included... transposed parts, too! An excellent learning package for either beginner or pro! Give this one as a gift! Hal, piano; Steve Gilmore, bass; and Bill Goodwin, drums.Lover Man - Soul Eyes - Chelsea Bridge - Skylark - Lush Life - You’ve Changed - Ballad Blues - You Don’t Know What Love Is

    Tipologia: Metodo, Raccolta.

    Catalogo: aebersold 032.

    Barcode: 635621000322.

    Codice Carisch: ML55021.


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Aa.Vv. - BALLADS (volume 32)

Aa.Vv. - BALLADS (volume 32)