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Aa.Vv. - BLUE NOTE (volume 38)


21,65 € IVA incl.

  • Arrangiamento/Strumenti: Tutti gli strumenti.

    Allegato: 2 CD.

    Descrizione: 17 jazz favorites recorded over the years on one of the finest jazz labels ever . . . Blue Note. This set captures the spirit, sound and soul of the Blue Note era with a variety of tunes that span the entire spectrum of the “standard” jazz player’s bmposers include Hank Mobley, John Coltrane, Wayne Shorter, Stanley Turrentine, Freddie Hubbard, Lee Morgan, Joe Henderson, Chick Corea and more. Several tunes have written harmony parts, too. Rhythm section includes Hal Galper, piano; Steve Gilmore,and Bill Goodwin, drums.Recorda-Me - El Toro - One For Daddy-O - Blue Train - Shirley - Lazy Bird - Inner Urge - Moment’s Notice - Locomotion - Isotope - Home At Last - Marie Antoinette - Crisis - Ceora - Chick’s Tune … and more

    Tipologia: Metodo, Raccolta.

    Catalogo: aebersold 038.

    Barcode: 635621000384.

    Codice Carisch: ML55024.


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Aa.Vv. - BLUE NOTE (volume 38)

Aa.Vv. - BLUE NOTE (volume 38)