Aa.Vv. - GETTIN’ IT TOGETHER (volume 21) Vedi più grande

Aa.Vv. - GETTIN’ IT TOGETHER (volume 21)


21,65 € IVA incl.

  • Arrangiamento/Strumenti: Tutti gli strumenti.

    Allegato: 2 CD.

    Descrizione: Suggested Prerequisite: Volume 1. For all musicians (instrumentalists and vocalists) regardless of ability. Use for individual or group playing and practicing. If you use this volume in conjunction with Volume 1 you will have a solid foundation fromto meet any new challenge you may encounter. This set will quickly change the practice habits of many musicians . . . instrumentalists as well as vocalists. It covers (all twelve keys) major, minor (dorian, harmonic and melodic), dominant 7th, half-dhed, lydian, and sus. 4. It also has a very slow blues in F and one in Bb. A total of 31 different tracks with a lot of variety. This is an extremely thorough practice set. The tempos are not fast, which allows everyone, beginner or advanced, to haveportunity to sharpen his skills. The booklet contains a wealth of information on practicing, ear training, nomenclature, chromaticism, digital patterns, cycle exercises, fourth exercises, double-time passages, comments to band directors (concert, sta

    Tipologia: Metodo, Raccolta.

    Catalogo: aebersold 021.

    Barcode: 635621000216.

    Codice Carisch: ML55012.


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Aa.Vv. - GETTIN’ IT TOGETHER (volume 21)

Aa.Vv. - GETTIN’ IT TOGETHER (volume 21)