Wyatt Keith
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Arrangiamento/Strumenti: Chitarra.

Allegato: DVD.

Descrizione: The Ultimate Beginners Series has been helping aspiring musicians get started with a new instrument for years - now, for the first time ever, Basics, Blues, and Rock are combined in one complete book and DVD set. Follow along with 4 hours of DVD instn and 3 hours of audio tracks, with the help of on-screen graphics and printed diagrams. The Ultimate Beginners Series: Electric Guitar Complete takes you from picking to soloing and power chords. If you're serious about mastering the blues and rock, this book and DVD set is a must-have. DVD format: Region 0 for use in all regions.

Tipologia: Metodo.

Barcode: 9780739056172.

Codice Carisch: ML98355.

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