Riker Wayne
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Arrangiamento/Strumenti: Chitarra.

Allegato: CD.

Descrizione: The Complete Electric Blues Guitar Method. National Guitar Workshop series. With standard guitar notation, guitar tablature, black & white photos and illustrations. This advanced volume in the comprehensive method for blues guitarists is also great fk players who want to develop a blues edge. Covers theory from blues scales, composite scales, and the Mixolydian mode to arpeggio superimpositions and the 8-bar blues, with examples of gospel blues, minor blues and others. Also contains licks in thes of blues masters such as Muddy Waters, Big Bill Broonzy, Freddie King, B. B. King, John Lee Hooker and many others. All music is shown in standard notation and TAB.

Numero pagine: 141.

Tipologia: Metodo.

Barcode: 38081116440.

Codice Carisch: ML93347.

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