HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL (male edition)

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Pro Vocal, volume 28.

Arrangiamento/Strumenti: Linea Melodica, Chitarra.

Allegato: CD.

Descrizione: Sing eight showstoppers with a professional band! Whether you're a karaoke singer or preparing for an audition, the Pro Vocal series is for you! The book contains the lyrics, melody, and chord symbols for eight classic songs. The CD contains demos foening and separate backing tracks so you can sing along. The CD is playable on any CD, but it is also enhanced for PC and Mac computer users so you can adjust the recording to any pitch without changing the tempo! Perfect for home rehearsal, parties,ions, corporate events, and gigs without a backup band.Bet On It - Bop To The Top - Everyday - Get'cha Head In The Game - What I've Been Looking For - When There Was Me And You - Work This Out - You Are The Music In Me

Tipologia: Musica stampata, Spartito, Colonna sonora.

Barcode: 9781423431909.

Codice Carisch: ML98132.

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