King B.B.
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A documentation of the style and technique of B.B. King.

Arrangiamento/Strumenti: Chitarra.

Descrizione: B.B.King is certainly the most influential blues guitarist in history. His recording areer began in 1949, and to this day, he vontinues to tour th world performing more than 250 nights every year. “Highlights” includes fascinating interview with B.B.n which he discesses his hinfluences, his approach to soloing, his thoughts about the blues, dynamics, phrasing, and more - in each case providing examples to illustrate his point. Brillant solo performances are featured throughout plus five incredibformances by B.B.King and his great band.Special features: Printable reference materials - “Getting to know your amplifier” interactive - Additional video tips - Performance only - Tuning segment - Additional Highlights video previews - Internet conity.

Durata: 62 min. DVD Pal.

Tipologia: DVD.

Barcode: 654979039556.

Codice Carisch: DVD1052.

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