Ford Robben
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A documentation of the style and technique of Robben Ford.

Arrangiamento/Strumenti: Chitarra.

Descrizione: Robben Ford has become one of the world’s most recognized blues musicians. He has played with an impressive list of artists, including Michael McDonald, Joni Mitchell, Miles Davis, and many others, In “Highglights” you’ll learnRobben’s favorite scaleblues as well as some great rhythm guitar ideas. He also demostrates the use of the diminished scale in an up-close look at “Revelation”, a unique solo gospel blues tune. Robben next teaches some useful soloing and rhythm concepts for a minor blues psion and shows how he uses his right-hand fingers as well as a pick for an expressive sound. This DVD also features and interview with Robben Ford and a powerful performance by The Blue Line. Special features: Printable reference materials. “Gettingw your amplifier” interactive. Additional video tips. Tuning segmant. Additional Highlights video previews.

Durata: 60 min. DVD Pal.

Tipologia: DVD.

Barcode: 654979039563.

Codice Carisch: DVD1053.

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