Gambale Frank
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Arrangiamento/Strumenti: Chitarra.

Descrizione: In this exciting new undertaking from the legendary Frank Gambale, the "Thunder From Down Under" brings you up to speed on his never-ending musical quest. With a host of new material, and some of today's top session musicians, Gambale continues to puboundaries of music to the edge and beyond through his extraordinary guitar playing and songwriting skills. This great video includes an amazing live concert performance followed by an exclusive instructional segment with the legend himself, breakinseveral songs featured in the live show. Never before has the music of Frank Gambale been presented in such a user-friendly format by offering instruction and applications on one great DVD. Special Features: Tuning Segment / "Dreamtime" Live Video Pance / "Land of the Leal": Exclusive lesson with Frank - Printable tablature using the DVD-ROM / Frank Gambale Catalog / Internet Connectivity.

Durata: 168 min. DVD Pal.

Tipologia: DVD.

Barcode: 654979048190.

Codice Carisch: DVD1166.

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