Nolan Nick
ALFRED Music Publications


Arrangiamento/Strumenti: Chitarra.

Collana: Ultimate Beginner Series (the).

Descrizione: Step One features Nick Nolan, who shows you classic licks, several different pickin g and bending techniques, scales and chords in position, equipment and sound, and much more / Step Two demonstrates more of the tips and tricks of the axe to bring yoicianship up to a higher level: more licks, more picking, bending and tapping techniques, more scales and chords, and more power! The DVD also includes play-along segments with a band to get you up to speed. Special features include: Bonus Performanturing Steve Morse; Additional Video Tips on Barre Chords & Distortion; Additional Product Previews; Tuning Segment; Interactive Menus; Internet Connectivity.

Durata: 80 min. DVD Pal.

Tipologia: DVD.

Barcode: 654979050087.

Codice Carisch: DVD1119.

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