Silverman Chuck / Slutsky Alan "Dr.Licks"
ALFRED Music Publications


The great James Brown rhythm sections 1960-1973.

Arrangiamento/Strumenti: Batteria.

Allegato: 2 CD.

Descrizione: In this unique rhythm section workbook, 23 James Brown classics have been transcribed, broken down into individual lessons, and meticulously recreated on two one-hour CDs. Featuring legendary grooves from the guitarists, bassists and drummers who ignhe Godfather of Soul for over three decades (including Jabo Starks, Bernard Odum, Clyde Stubblefield, Bootsy Collins, Jimmy Nolen, Country Kellum and more) this book will enlighten and challenge your soul.

Tipologia: Metodo.

Barcode: 29156203028.

Codice Carisch: ML94258.

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