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Ad Libitum - Easy Duos


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    Score and Parts.

    Selected, transcribed and edited by Zempléni László, Soós András
    Setting: Mixed Chamber Duo
    Instrumentation: I - Fl. / Ob. / Cl. in Sib / Sass. alto in Mib / Sass. ten. in Sib / Cor. in Fa / Vl. / Vla / Vibr., II - Cl. in Sib / Fag. / Flic. ten. in Sib / Tbn. / Euf. / Vl. / Vla / Vlc. / Vibr. /Mar.
    Series: Ad libitum
    Genre: Pedagogical performance pieces
    Length: 84 pages


    The volumes in this new series contain duos, trios and quartets, their degree of difficulty ranging from easy through intermediate to advanced. Every piece is a transcription or an arrangement, since in editing the volumes our primary concern was to provide a collection of valuable and interesting compositions, as freely variable as possible as regards instrumentation, for music school students and also for adults who make music for their own pleasure. The range and pitch of the parts enable the works to be performed on any required or possible combination of the given instruments.

    The pieces in this volume from the Ad libitum series can be easily performed by beginners or amateur instrumental musicians and offer the largest variety of instrumentation. Easy arrangements of various countries' folk songs, compositions by less prominent composers (Albrecht, Behr, Berens, Bréval) as well as popular pieces that so far have been only offered in a limited variety of instrumentation, such as the dance movements by Krieger, Haydn and Mozart, are included in the volume. A special feature is represented by a series of movements existing in collections (18th-century dances from the Linus Collection, American songs from the 19th century and dances from the Kajoni Codex).



    Gastoldi, Giovanni Giacomo: Canzona
    Hassler, Hans Leo: Gagliarda ('Tanzen und Springen', Lustgarten Neuer Teutscher Gesäng. Balletti, Gagliarden und Intraden, 1601)
    Krieger, Johann: Bourrée (Musicaliesche Partien, 1697)
    Ismeretlen szerző: Sarabande
    Dances from the 17th century (Codex Caioni, 1634-1671)
    Telemann, Georg Philipp: Gavotte (Ouverture in C-dur, TWV 55: C3)
    Green, James: Anthem ('Sing unto the Lord', Book of Psalmody, 1738)
    Bach, Johann Christian: Allegretto
    Haydn, Joseph: Menuett (16 Menuette, Hob. IX:3, No. 4)
    Haydn, Joseph: German dance (10 Menuette (Ballo tedescho), Hob. IX:22, No. 3)
    Bréval, Jean Baptiste: Andantino (Six Favorite Airs with Variations for a Violin and Violoncello, Op. 9, No. 1)
    Bréval, Jean Baptiste: Grazioso (Six Favorite Airs with Variations for a Violin and Violoncello, Op. 9, No. 3)
    Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: Menuett (16 Menuette, K 176, No. 12)
    Zempléni László: Dances from the 18th century (Linus Collection)
    Rhinehart, W. R.: American songs from the 19th century (American Church Harp, 1848)
    Berens, Hermann: Andante (50 piano pieces for first beginners, No. 7)
    Behr, Franz: French children's song (Zum Vorspielen. 29 kleine Vortragsstücke für Piano, Op. 575, No. 1)
    Albrecht, Eugen Maria: Allegretto
    Zempléni László: Folk songs of nations



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Ad Libitum - Easy Duos

Ad Libitum - Easy Duos