L'ESTRO ARMONICO. Partitura per studio (Urtext) op. 3/112

VIVALDI, Antonio



Instrumentation: 4 violins, 2 violas, cello, violin and harpsichord
Edition: study score
Eulenburg Miniature Scores
Order number: ETP 1871-82

Vivaldi’s 12 concertos were first published in 1711 by Roger in Amsterdam. These 8 elegant part books helped to establish Vivaldi’s reputation throughout Europe and provided the rules from which such writers as Quantz, Marcello and Mattheson judged and advised other composers. Much imitated, the concertos continued to influence the works of later composers and indeed J. S. Bach. 



Notes éditoriales
Concerto No. 1 D-Dur
Concerto No. 2 g-Moll
Concerto No. 3 G-Dur
Concerto No. 4 e-Moll
Concerto No. 5 A-Dur
Concerto No. 6 a-Moll
Concerto No. 7 F-Dur
Concerto No. 8 a-Moll
Concerto No. 9 D-Dur
Concerto No. 10 h-Moll
Concerto No. 11 d-Moll
Concerto No. 12 E-Dur
Appendix: Concerto No. 7, Dresden version 

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