Messe brève no. 6 aux cathédrales

Gounod, Charles
CARUS Verlag

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The Messe no. 6 aux cathédrales by Charles Gounod (1818–1893) is a reworking of the Messe no. 3 aux communautés religieuses (for three equal voices) by the composer himself. The work contains no setting of the Benedictus, but instead, in the French tradition, an “O salutaris hostia” and a “Domine Salvam”. Its easily comprehensible musical language gives the mass a light, catchy character. Simple musical means are used formatively, shaping the distinctive characteristics of the individual movements. The organ supports the choral parts, which only sing unaccompanied in a few places. “A colorful, entertaining piece of expressive-Romantic choral music, which audiences and performers alike will enjoy“ (Württembergische Blätter für Kirchenmusik 2/1992). - full score
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