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Pass, Joe - JAZZ LINES


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  • Arrangiamento/Strumenti: Chitarra.

    Descrizione: For the first time, guitarists have the unique opportunity to learn literally hundreds of melodic ideas from one of the true masters of jazz guitar. In this DVD, Joe discusses the scales and the arpeggios he uses when improvising. As notated in the anying booklet, Joe also demonstrates nonstop improvised lines for major 7th, minor 7th and static and altered dominant 7th chord types, plus there's a special section on turnarounds.Special features: Tuning segment - An Evening With Joe Pass preview's guitar - Bonus lesson on soloing with chord shapes - Transcription of Blues Intro - Additional product previews - Printable PDF reference materials - Internet Connectivity

    Durata: 55 min. DVD Pal.

    Tipologia: DVD.

    Codice Carisch: DVD1312.


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Pass, Joe - JAZZ LINES

Pass, Joe - JAZZ LINES