Da 2 a 6 manine

Corini, Lucia

DM 19


Piano Professional (Spring 2018)

I have been waiting for this book to appear for a long time. And here it is - given to us by the Italian female composer Lucia Carini, with the easiest possible, shortest possible, un-clobbered possible little pieces to ease young and older beginners into playing together. Large notation with simple but attractive musical ideas. The brilliant idea of this composer is to give, in tiny clues at the beginning of each part, the starting note on the piano so that the register is clear but then notates all in easiest staff notation. Yes, even a student that struggles with the easiest concepts of notation will get this! ... Thank you, Lucia Corini, for giving this to the piano teaching world. (Beate Toyka)

Very easy Pieces for 2 and 3 Piano players

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