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Santana, Carlos - INFLUENCES


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  • Arrangiamento/Strumenti: Live Concert/Performances.

    Descrizione: Carlos Santana pays tribute to 3 guitar players who were major influences on him: Wes Montgomery - Bola Sete - Gabor Szabo. The DVD features rare performance footage by each of these great guitarists, along with passionate commentary and inspired play Carlos which demonstrate their impact.Special Features: Bonus Lesson: Latin Rock / Learning to lead / Bonus performance: Joe Pass / Santana Catalog / PDF Printout: the Blues Scale / Internet Connectivity

    Durata: 60 min. DVD Pal.

    Tipologia: DVD.

    Barcode: 654979070153.

    Codice Carisch: DVD1310.


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Santana, Carlos - INFLUENCES

Santana, Carlos - INFLUENCES