Satriani, Joe - LEGENDARY LICKS (2-disc set) Vedi più grande

Satriani, Joe - LEGENDARY LICKS (2-disc set)


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  • Arrangiamento/Strumenti: Chitarra.

    Descrizione: A special opportunity to learn some of Satch's greatest tunes and techniques on DVD!The songs of Joe Satriani are not simply an excuse to burn up the fretboard at breakneck speed, the classic blues-inspired melodies and jazzy chord moves make for sothe best solo guitar rock of recent years. This 2-DVD set gives you the chance to learn six entire songs from start to finish, with in-depth discussion of the specialist techniques and tones the guitar legend employs. Whether it's wammy-bar dive bomburfin' With The Alien, the eight-finger tapping of Midnight or the heartbreaking lyrical playing of Always With Me, Always With You, every Satriani song is a technical feat that will endlessly inform and inspire your own rock solo.Always With Me, Alith You - Midnight - Satch Boogie - Surfing With The Alien - The Crush Of Love - The Extremist

    Durata: 205 min. DVD Pal.

    Tipologia: DVD.

    Barcode: 9781575607887.

    Codice Carisch: DVD1463.


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Satriani, Joe - LEGENDARY LICKS (2-disc set)

Satriani, Joe - LEGENDARY LICKS (2-disc set)